About us: 

Welcome to easycruiser.tours! Our family thoroughly enjoys travelling. Originating from Germany, we have visited many countries in Europe and other continents over the years. Among all the countries we have seen, we feel most attracted by the northern european countries and particularly by Ireland. 

Breathtaking views along the irish coasts, lovely rides through rolling hills, and stunning historic castles and abbeys all over - who can resist? We certainly cannot....

Enjoy the friendlyness of the irish people everyday and discover marvellous citys like Dublin, Galway or Londonderry, as well as beautiful smaller towns like Kilkenny, Killarney or Westport. 

We have tested many tours in Ireland and have tested many bikes on small irish country roads. We believe that midsize adventure style motorcycles are probably the most suitable motorbikes for Ireland and we offer a growing motorcycle pool of those for you to rent.

Please browse through our content and feel free to contact us any time for any question or remark you may have.

We are Looking forward to welcoming you soon to Ireland.


Ulrich Knüppel-Gertberg and Josephine Gertberg

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