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Motorcycle Tours: 

All tours include the rental bike as described.

Ireland and Scotland are extremely beautiful countries to visit and we believe the best way of doing this, is by relaxed cruising on a stylish motorbike! On the countryside, there is usually very little traffic and if you never drove on the left side of the road, there is no need to worry: You will get used to it very quickly and you will find most irish and scottish drivers to be considerate, patient and helpful with tourists. 

Some People think, that Ireland and Scotland are very rainy and cold places and can only be visited in the midsommer months - if at all. Please check statistical data in our information section and make up your own mind. Summers are usually mild or cool and winters are a bit cooler, but mostly not very cold. Our season is generally from April to November. We personally ride almost all year long and our experience is that it can be warm and sunny or cool and and rainy, but it usually rains less often than you might think. So if you want to rent a bike in winter in Ireland, just let us know, we will be able to manage. Good motorcycle gear is recommended - and then there is no reason to miss out riding these stunning countrys!

In Germany, summers can be pretty hot and winters can be very cold, so our season is from April to November and there is no rental in the winter months in Germany.

Tour Formats:

Bed&Bike, selfguided daytrips:

You stay at our guesthouse and do daytrips from here. Easiest option, ride as much or as little as you like, your luggage stay in our guesthouse all the time. You ride selfguided as much as you like. Great option for less experienced riders and couples or groups with " mixed riding-intensities".

Organized Selfguided Tour:

Same tours as the guided tours, just without guide, therefore more affordable. We program the entire tour to your bikes GPS. sat nav and you will get a detailled tour description to guide you through the days and to you next hotel. We book hotel stays and ferries for you, so all you have to do, is to start your GPS every day and enjoy the tour at your own pace.

Semiorganized Selfguided Tour:

This tour format is for all who prefer to chose their overnight stays by themselves, but still like to follow a well prepared and proven route. The entire tour will be preprogrammed to your GPS Sat Nav and you will have a detailled tour description (roadbook) to guide you through the day. You simply book the accomodation to the days destination by yourself (with www.booking.com or other hotel booking platforms).

Motorcycle Rental (only):

Motorbike rental only: Rent one of our stylish cruisers or adventure bikes and ride your own tour. We have two rental stations, in Germany and in Ireland. We are happy to provide advice for your tour if you like.

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