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"Bed&Bike": Motorcycle Holidays in Irelands "Sunny South-East"

Season and timeframe: Bed&Bike can be booked from April to October for any period of 7 days or longer. If combined with one of our roundtrips, the minimum period for bed&bike is only 3 days.

Tours: Just book your room and your bike and ride individually. A large selection of daytours is already pre-programmed on your GPS, you can follow these, or do your own thing.

Format suitable for: This is probably the easiest to ride format in our portfolio. Traffic is pretty calm here on the countryside and you have plenty time to get used to reding on the left side of the road. Irish country roads can be very narrow with views on bends obstructed b hedges and tarmac being in questionable condition, but you can always ride slowly, hence safely in this calm traffic. You can choose between longer or shorter tours, so you do not have to ride full days, but you can if you want to. Different from round trips, you can pause any time you like. So this format is great for beginners or people starting to ride again after a longer period of not riding and for riders with pillion passenger, too. The routinier does ot need to get bored, as he is always free to ride long days.

Arrival: Individual flight to Dublin, bus transfer to Gorey and we pick you up and drive to our guesthouse (=tourbase) where you receive your rental motorcycle and start your selfguided day tours. 

Option: You can combine this format with a roundtour, too. For example, get used to left-side-driving for 3 days on daytours from our guesthosue, then depart for one of our roundtours.


Celtic tribes, Viking invaders, the Normans and the English - over centuries the mild and fertile east coast attracted many conquerers who settled and left a rich heritage in form of castles, historic towns, abbeys, churches, parks and gardens. There is a lot of history to visit in Irelands Ancient South-East. 

Cruise on small hedged roads from the gaps and glens of the Wicklow Mountains over rolling hills along stone walled farmlands to the sandy beaches and rocky cliffs of the southern shores - there are many beautiful rides and landscapes to discover! 

But the Sunny South East - as the Irish call it - is also known for it`s weather being warmer and sunnier than any other part of the country. Many Dublin families love spending their holidays at the seemingly endless sandy beaches of the Sunny South East coast. 

This is, where easycruiser.tours welcomes you to enjoy your motorbike holidays in our large and comfortable guesthouse with 4 very nice double bedrooms (and bathrooms). This is start and finish of the roundtours, but also base for our Bed&Bike program:

Rent one of our lovely double bedrooms and the motorbike of your choice with it and discover the many highlights and beautiful landscapes of the South-East. Your bike comes with GPS and we have a number of tours already pre-programmed on it for your convenience. Or you just take a rest and enjoy the spacious house and garden with a good book - the choice is yours!

The house is located on large ground in a quiet rural setting and features 4 double bedrooms with 3 bathrooms ensuite and one bathroom on the same floor. A very large open kitchen and dining room, a cosy sunroom and a living room with DVDs, books, a Pool table, Music and and a Dart game. Wifi is incuded free of charge and a sunny terrace with nice views into the surrounding hills invites you to sit, relax and enjoy.

Some of the highlights are:

  •  The beautiful historic town of Kilkenny with it`s impressive castle and very nice city. 
  • The luxurious houses and gardens (rather castles and parks actually) of Wicklow, e.g. Powerscourt House and Gardens
  •  The historic towns and former Viking settlements of Wexford and Waterford
  • Cashel Rock and Cahir Castle
  •  The long beaches, cliffs and bays of the southeastern coast
  • The mysterious medieval Abbey of Glendalough 
  •  And many curvy small roads in magnificient landscapes …

Our guesthouse:

Our guesthouse offers 4 double rooms and bathrooms, is very spacious and comfortable and beautifully located at the southern border of the Wicklow Mountains. You can pick between a tour to the sea or into the mountains every day and there are plenty interesting places to visit within easy reach.

Advantages of the Bed&Bike tour format: 

  •  Light cruising without luggage every day, because luggage remains in your room during your stay.  
  •  On a rainy morning you don`t have to pack and leave - just enjoy another coffee and start your day some time later!
  • You decide how much riding you want to do - take a break whenever you feel like it!
  • Shorter or longer trips are no problem, you remain flexible everyday day.

Please find images and more information on our guesthouse in the navigation menu under "Guesthouse Ireland".

Rental Motorcycles:

All our bikes come with fully comprehensive insurance. Hard panniers and topbox (midsize and large ADV bikes) or soft sidebags and  rear bag (cruisers and smaller ADV bikes) are included, as well as a Tomtom Rider sat nav device, a first-aid-kit, a tyre puncture repair kit and a helmet lock. Please find images and more information on our rental motorcycles in the menu under "Motorcycle Rental". 


Prices "Bed&Bike":

Prices in Euro per person per week

(From Saturday to Saturday)

 2 guests with 1 rental motorcycle 

and one double bedroom

2 guests with 2 motorcycles 

and one double bedroom

1 guest with 1 motorcycle 

in one (double) bedroom

Price Category AA:

BMW R1250GS (136hp)

Honda 1100 Africa Twin AS (102 hp)

MS: 805 €

OS: 735 €

MS: 1330 €

OS: 1260 €

MS: 1540 €

OS: 1400 €

Price Category A: 

BMW F750GS (77hp)

BMW F750GS (77hp) factory lowered

MS: 735 €

OS: 665 €

MS: 1190 €

OS: 1120 €

MS: 1400 €

OS: 1260 €

Price Category B:

BMW F800GS (86hp)

BMW F800GS (86hp) factory lowered

MS: 700 €

OS: 630 €

MS: 1120 €

OS: 1050 €

MS: 1330 €

OS: 1190 €

Price Category B:

Indian Scout Sixty (77hp)

Indian Scout Sixty (48hp)


MS: 1120 €

OS: 1050 €

MS: 1330 €

OS: 1190 €

Price Category C:

BMW F700GS (75hp)

BMW F700GS (75hp) factory lowered

BMW F700GS (48hp)

MS: 665 €

OS: 595 €

MS: 1050 €

OS: 980 €

MS: 1260 €

OS: 1120 €

Price Category D:

BMW G310GS (34hp)


MS: 840 €

OS: 770 €

MS: 1050 €

OS: 910 €

Prices include all taxes. Main Season (MS): May to September. Other Season (OS): April and October. Beds can stand as double or separately.

Security deposit per rental motorcycle is 1000€ for category AA and 500€ for any other category. 300km per bike and day included (e.g. 3000km for 10 days), more km will be charged at 30 Cents per km.

Included in the price: All nights in double room in our comfortable selfcatering guesthouse (no breakfast included). Rental motorcycle of the booked category with included equipment (panniers, GPS,...) and fully comprehensive insurance. Secured Payment Certificate. Numerous daytours are already preprogrammed into your GPS and you will get a desciption of the daytours. Transfer from Gorey to the guesthouse and return is included.

Not included in the Price: Flights, coach from Dublin Airport to Gorey (costs about 18€ per person per trip), meals, drinks, fuel and other travel expenses. 


Secured Payment Certificate: All your payments are secured by the german R+V insurance Company against failure from easycruiser.tours. Should easycruiser.tours not be able to fulfill the tour contract for whatever reason, you will receive your payments back - guaranteed and insured. 

Motorcycle Insurance: All rental motorcycles come with a fully comprehensive insurance to cover the driver in case of accident, fire, damage or loss of the vehicle. First payment is covered by the respective security deposit. 

Guests risks of travel: However: this does not cover the guests side of the contract: Should you not be able to attend to the tour (e.g. sickness), you still have to pay the tour price according to the cancellation policy as outlined in the general terms and conditions. If you want your risk to be insured, you should get a separate travel insurance from your insurance Company.

Booking form for Bed&Bike motorcycle holidays in Irelands sunny south-east

The following form is not a binding booking yet: Please send us your details and we will check availability and come back to you with an offer. If you are more than one driver, then every driver should fill the form for himself or herself. If you want to combine bed&bike with a roundtour, you can let us know by leaving a comment in the question/message section below.