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Overview of motorcycle tours in Ireland and Scotland 2019:

Motorcycle Rental for your individual selfguided tour in Ireland or to Scotland: 

If you want to explore Ireland on your own or ride your bike over to Scotland, we are happy to just rent one of our cruisers to you for your selfguided tour. Transfer to our tourbase south of Dublin is very easy. We will help with your bike and equipment and if this is the first time you drive on the left side of the road, we will give you a little practical introduction to make your start easy. Your bike comes with GPS and we are happy to share tips for your tour with you. This service is available anytime from March 29. until November 30.. 


If you prefer sleeping in the same bed for a number of days, rather that changing your accomodation every night, or if you just want to be totally free to decide when and how much riding you want to do (e.g. stay home when it rains), our Bed&Bike offering may be for you: You rent one of our very nice doublerooms in our spacious and lovely guesthouse, rent a bike with it and be totally free to discover Irelands Ancient South East on your own. Your bike comes with GPS with a number of very enjoyable half-day and day-tours already preprogrammed for your convenience. You can also join one or more of our guided half-day or day-tours. You will find three weeks in our calender, where we specifically ensure availability of a tourguide throughout the entire week - you can join guided tours as much as you like. But you can also choose this tour format any other time of the year and we will try to provide a tourguide if you wish so. 

Our guesthouse offers 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with plenty space for up to 8 guests. We have attractive rebates for Groups on request - just send us your enquiry. 

Guided Motorbike roundtours in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland:

We offer a variety of guided tours all around Ireland and over to Scotlands Highlands as well. We ride moderate daily distances at moderate paces in small groups of maximal 7 guest motorbikes. Our distances will be about 180-300km per day, depending on the roads. We will be using midsize and smaller country roads mainly and avoid national roads and motorways. You will see amazing landscapes, beautiful little towns and stunning castles and abbeys on all of our tours, so you can`t go wrong with any of the tours! On all guided roundtours you will carry your luggage on your motorbike and sleep in different hotels most nights. All motorbikes come with panniers and a rear bag. Excess luggage (suitcases) can be stored at our tourbase for the duration of your tour. 

Ireland North and South are one week tours in amazing landscapes, you carry your luggage on your motorbike and have different hotels most nights. If you want to explore more, Irlands Wild Atlantic Way and Scotland are absolutely phantastic tours, but being longer, you should feel comfortable with more days and more kilometers of riding.

Organized Selfguided Tours:

All our roundtours can also be booked as organized sellfdrive tours at your preferred Dates anytime from May to November: The GPS of your rental motorcycle will have the entire tour preprogrammed, you will receive a description of the tour and we will book all accomodations for you. All you need to do is follow the GPS and enjoy your selfguided tour! This service is on request, so please don`t hesitate to send us your enquiry and we will prepare an offer for you! 

Custom Tours:

You want a different format or a guided tour for you and your friends only? Please let us know, we are happy to prepare an individual program for you!

Tour Schedule Guided Tours:


May 10. - 22. 2019:

Scotlands Highlands and the North of Ireland - 13 days, 11 days riding, guided tour - this tour is fully booked

June. 6.-June 11. 2019 Custom-Tour: 

House fully booked, rental bikes still available

June 14.- June 24. 2019:

Irlands "Wild Atlantic Way" -  11  days, 9 days riding, guided tour -   few places still available

 Juli 13. - Juli 20.2019:

"Irlands wild North" - 8 days, 6 days riding, guided tour -  few places still available

August 3.- August 10. 2019:

Bed&Bike - guided  day-tours in Irelands "Sunny South East" -  8 days, 6 days riding

August 21.- August 27. 2019 Custom-Tour:

House fully booked, rental bikes still available

August 30. -  September 11. 2019:

Scotlands Highlands und the North of Ireland - 13 days, 11 days riding, guided tour

September 27. - October 4. 2019:

"Irlands mild South" - 8 days, 6 days riding, guided tour

19. Oktober - 26. Oktober 2019:

Bed&Bike - guided  day-tours in Irelands "Sunny South East" -  8 days, 6 days riding


Links to tour pages: 


Lovely Kerry! roundtour (6/4)

"Bed&Bike" in Irelands "Sunny South-East" (8/6)

Motorbike Rental

"Irelands Wild North" - one week guided tour (8/6)

"Irelands Mild South" - one week guided tour (8/6)

Scotlands Highlands and the North of Ireland  -guided tour (13/11)

Irelands Wild Atlantic Way - guided tour (11/9)