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Motorbike Tours:

 Ireland and Scotland are extremely beautiful countries to visit and we believe the best way of doing this, is by relaxed cruising on a stylish motorbike! On the countryside, traffic is usually not an issue - there is not much traffic at all! The irish and scottish people are very friendly and helpful and this shows in their considerate driving, too. Only around some of the major visitors highlights, such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, the Giants Causeway or the Isle of Skye, as well as important citys like Dublin, Galway or Edinburgh it can get a bit busy, especially in July and August. Since we bikers prefer the curvy small roads offside the mainstream anyway, this is not an issue for us. And there are so many stunning places and highlights on our ways, which most tourists in their coaches will never get to see.

Some people tend to think, that Ireland and Scotland are very rainy and cold places and can only be visited in the midsommer months - if at all. Please check statistical data in our information section and you will see, that this factually not the case. A true eye opener is the fact that Dublin and Edinburgh have - by far- less rain in summer than the german city of Munich - believe it or not! So, yes it can rain - but if you can ride your motorbike in Germany or other norther eurpean countries in spring or autumn, there is no reason to be afraid of rain in Ireland or Scotland either.

Actually spring and autumn are often quite mild, especially in the South and South-East of Ireland and flights and accomodation can be incredibly cheap off summer season. Temperatures in Ireland and Scotland can be expected to be at about 10-15 degrees Celsius in spring and autumn and about 15-25 degrees Celsius in summer.  With standard all-year textile motorbike suits with waterproof membrane, you are well equipped in spring and autumn. In summer, motorbike-jeans and leather jacket are an option, too - as long as you pack a rainsuit in your panniers. Thermal underwear packs small and lightly and provides additional comfort on cooler days. Apart from that, you don`t need much luggage at all!

Our motorbike tour season starts on March 23. end on November 30 this year. So you may want to check out the weather app for Dublin and decide for a spontaneous holiday in Irland in coming springtime!!!

If you haven`t been to Ireland or Scotland yet and don`t know what to expect, or if you don`t know if all day riding is for you, you may want to check our Bed&Bike program - this really is the easiest way to get started. We will see amazing landscapes, beautiful little towns and stunning castles and abbeys on all of our tours, so you can't really go wrong. However, all of the tours have their different characters, too: The irish Westcoast is more rugged than the more fertile and greener East, the South is warmer than the North, the longer tours are physically a bit more demanding than the shorter tours, Scotland´s Isle of Skye and Highlands are very Special and different from Ireland etc... So, how to choose from our guided tours? 

In a nutshell:

  • Bed&Bike: Easiest option, ride as much or as little as you like, you and your luggage stay in our guesthouse all the time. You ride guided or selfguided as much as you like. Great option for less experienced riders and couples or groups with " mixed riding-intensities".
  • Ireland North and South tours: One week guided tours, amazing landscapes, you have your luggage on your bike and stay in different hotels most nights.
  • Ireland Wild Atlantic Way and NorthernIreland&Scotland tours: Phantastic guided tours with lots to see, but you should feel comfortable with a couple days more driving with your luggage on your bike and different hotels most nights.
  • Motorbike rental only: Rent one of our stylish Cruisers and ride on your own terms. We are happy to provide tips for your tour if you like.
  • All Bikes come with GPS, panniers and additional rear bag. Excess luggage (e.g. suitcases) can be stored at our tour base for the duration of the tour).

Our motorcycle tour formats:

Motorcycle Rental in Ireland:

You want to discover Ireland and Scottland on a selfguided tour? We offer stylish and easy to ride Cruiser motorbikes for rent. They already come with the latest TomTom GPS, Panniers and a waterproof hind bag with straps and more Equipment, so you are ready to go and well equipped. Our tour base is located in the south-East of Ireland, transfer from Dublin Airport is very easy.

"Bed&Bike" in the South East of Ireland:

If you prefer staying in one place without luggage restrictions and with the freedom to ride as much and as often (or little) as you like, this is for you: You can rent one of 4 lovely Bedrooms (with bathroom) in our Guesthouse and enjoy longer or shorter daytrips on your rental motorbike from there. You can follow one of the already preprogrammed tours on your bikes GPS, or you join one of our guided daytours - as you like! 


Guided Motorbike roundtours in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland:

We offer a variety of guided tours all around Ireland and over to Scotlands Highlands as well. We ride in small groups of maximal 6 guest bikes in a rather relaxed manner. Our distances will be about 180-300km per day, depending on the roads. We will be using midsize and smaller country roads mainly and avoid national roads and motorways. You will see amazing landscapes, beautiful Little towns and stunning castles and abbeys on all of our tours.

Custom tours:

You want a different format or a guided tour for you and your friends only? Please let us know, we are happy to prepare an individual program for you!

For more details, click the link below for the Tour Overview Page: